The End is Where We Begin: Issue 42

“I will kill their leader if it’s the last thing I do,” Laurie announced to Commander Ross. It had been two days since the destruction of Tagenta and she was still mad. “Laurie, remember what you told Cookie. You told her not to run on anger and the want for revenge,” Amanda reprimanded. “But someone [...]


The End is Where We Begin: Issue 41

“How could you let this happen?” the boss roared. He had burst into General Marmot’s office, livid. “All of Tagenta is destroyed!” Marmot backed up a few steps. “I do not know how it happened sir. We only know that there was a code change five minutes before EMI exploded. Luckily all our major generals [...]

The End is Where We Begin: Issue 40

Laurie’s thoughts went from sadness to anger very quickly. “I knew she shouldn’t have gone!” she exclaimed. “And you!” Laurie pointed at Philip, “You were supposed to protect her!” she launched herself at Philip who jumped back. Josh grabbed Laurie before she could reach Philip. Laurie struggled. “Let me go Josh,” tears began to stream [...]

The End is Where We Begin: Issue 38

Ruby gave Cookie a brief embrace before pulling her into the building. “How are you?” she whispered. Philip and John followed them into the warehouse. “Good. You?” Cookie replied. “Amazing now that you’re here. Now what’s the plan?” “We need to get inside EMI.” Ruby’s eyes widened. “That’s impossible. Even if you do get past [...]