The End is Where We Begin: Issue 13

Cookie waited with Laurie and her group right inside the tunnel exit. Laurie called Josh via radio and asked if he was ready.

“Let’s go,” he said. Laurie sent a Morse code signal to the other leaders and the groups left the tunnels.

Laurie opened the tunnel door that was disguised as a trash can. She climbed out and looked around before waving the rest of her group out. The town was unusually quiet which worried Laurie. She opened the nearest door and the girls slipped in and spread out. They found no robots at all until Laurie entered the living room. Three robolice stood, obviously waiting for them. Laurie waited until they looked away to slip around the edge of the room. She hit a lamp which fell and shattered on the floor. The robolice turned on her and started shooting Laurie who pulled out her gamma gun. One robot shot it out of her hand before Laurie could get a shot at them.

Cookie walked in just then and saw what was happening. Quickly she summoned her power and grabbed the robot who shot Laurie’s gun. Laurie ducked behind the couch as Cookie lifted him up in the air. She created a shield and then sent a pulse of energy causing the robot to shatter. One by one Cookie did the same to the other two. When she was done Cookie tried to let the energy leave but it did not. She took this as a sign that she was going to need her power again.

The other agents had heard the noise in the living room and were surprised to see Cookie using her power. Cookie turned and saw the gaping mouths of her peers.

“He gave it to me,” Cookie said. Laurie stood and motioned for the agents to move on to the next house.

“Josh, we have a problem,” Laurie called Josh on the radio.

“I know,” he replied. “I say we keep going. He wants us to do this so we must.”

“10-4,” Laurie replied as the girls entered the next house.


Across town Josh peeked around the corner of a pod. He saw a line of robolice filling the road, marching towards them. They obviously knew that the agents were there. The back wall of the alley started pushing them towards the street. Josh knew they were about to be very trapped. He motioned for the agents to head inside the next pod. Josh lifted his radio to call Laurie.

“Change of plans. They are trying to trap us in the center of town. Make your way from house to house until you get there. Stay in a pod until I give the signal,” Josh said.

“Are you sure about this Josh?” Laurie asked.

“Yes. Give the radio to Cookie for a minute,” Josh ordered.

“Yes sir?” Cookie’s voice came through the radio.

“When you guys get to the pod you are going to hide in, climb to the roof and wait there. Make sure you are hidden.”

“Yes sir,” Cookie replied and handed the radio back to Laurie.

“What do you have up your sleeve?” Laurie questioned.

“No time to explain. Head to the center of town,” Josh signed off.

The two groups went from pod to pod until they were right on the edge of the town square. Cookie followed orders and climbed to the roof of the pod, which happened to be the tallest building in Laramie. She looked out over the town and her jaw dropped at the sight. All the side streets were closed off and the main street was filled with robots headed toward the square. As they made their way, the robots entered the pods and checked for agents.

Suddenly a grappling hook caught the edge of the building by Cookie’s feet. She jumped back and looked across the square to the pod where Josh and two other agents stood. The metal rope was stretched taut between the buildings. She looked down and saw agents stretching ropes on the ground and connecting them to a single thin metal rope stretching up to the high wire.

Marcie raced up to the roof and Cookie spun at the sound of the trap door opening. “Here,” Marcie handed a radio to Cookie.

Josh’s voice crackled through. “When I give the signal, I want you to send all the electricity through that rope as you can.”

“Won’t the energy go into the pods too?” Cookie asked.

“I have taken measures to keep that from happening. Look closely at where the rope connects to the grappling hook,” Josh replied. Cookie looked down and saw a small piece of twine connecting the metal rope with the grappling hook.

She smiled. “On your signal.” Cookie handed the radio back to Marcie. The two stood watching the robots slowly walk to the center of town. After a few minutes of waiting, the robots filed into the square. Once all of them were in, several agents pulled ropes across the roads to trap the robolice.

Cookie knelt to the rope and looked at Josh for the signal. After the agents were back in the pods he gave her a thumbs up. Cookie sent a prayer to Him and pulled as much energy together as she could. Then she touched the rope and sent an enormous pulse of electricity into the ropes. The agents watched as the robots started to shake and fizzle. Tremors went through the town from the intense electrocution. The pods began to shake but before they could be damaged all the robots exploded. Cookie instantly switched her power to a shield around the pods containing agents. Glass shattered from the bits of robot flying through the air. The tremors stopped as soon as Cookie’s power was diverted.

After the smoke settled, Cookie let the power leave her. She collapsed on the ground and blacked out.


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