The End is Where We Begin: Issue 14

“What!?” General Marmot shrieked. His secretary had just told him that the ambush of the resistance had failed. The robot was incensed at the news. “What mistakes were made to cause this?”

“None sir. An electric shock is what caused the disaster,” the secretary stated.

“Does the Boss know yet?” Marmot asked.

“Yes sir. He has given orders for an intense investigation into how the shock happened.”

“Good. When we find out, let me know,” General Marmot waved the secretary from the room. He knew exactly what had happened. Mary Christion’s daughter had struck the first blow.




“Ow, my head,” Cookie said, sitting up. She was back in the joint base recovering from the happenings of the day before.

“Looks like we switched places little sis,” Laurie stood from sitting on her bed and walked over. “You were magnificent yesterday.”

“I’ve been out that long?” Cookie slowly moved her legs over the side of the bed.

Laurie sat beside her. “Yes. We are going to stay here for a few days until you have gotten your strength back.”

“Did you ever figure out who tipped the robots off?”

Laurie sighed and shook her head. “No.”

“Did we actually save anyone?” Cookie questioned.

“The weirdest thing happened actually. When we started going through the debris we found a young man that was actually disguised as a robot before the explosion.”

“Wow. Was he hurt?”

“He had some burns and is brainwashed almost to the point of no return, but other than that he is fine,” Laurie smiled. “Josh took him to the rehab base where he will be treated for the burns and the brainwashing.”

“How old is he?” Cookie asked mischievously.

“He is fourteen and his name is Philip,” Laurie smiled at her sister. “Don’t get any ideas until he is cured.”

“What are you talking about?” Cookie placed her hand to her chest feigning surprise.

Laurie raised an eyebrow. “You know what I am talking about Cookie.” The sisters broke out laughing and fell back on the bed in a fit of giggles.




A week later Cookie and Laurie entered headquarters and headed straight to Commander Ross’ office. Amanda waited at her desk for the two agents.

“Welcome back Laurie, Cookie,” Commander Ross smiled as the sisters entered her office.

“Thanks, Commander,” Laurie replied. She set a manila envelope on the commander’s desk. “Here is the full report.”

“Thank you Laurie,” Amanda said before turning to Cookie. “How are you after this mission? Everyone is saying that you are a hero.”

“I am fine,” Cookie said, blushing. “I’m not a hero though. It was all Josh’s idea. He knew how to use my power to save us.”

“You don’t need to be so humble, Cookie,” Commander Ross smiled and sent the girls to the dining hall for supper.

“Surprise!” the agents yelled. Upon entering, Cookie was taken aback by the party that awaited her. She looked at Laurie who smiled knowingly at her. One by one many of the agents from the SWA and the MRG came up to shake Cookie’s hand and thank her for risking her life. The last to come up was Josh.

“I am so proud of you Cookie, we all are. You could have died the other day,” Josh smiled down at the thirteen year old.

“But I didn’t. And it was your idea. You should get the glory,” Cookie’s eyes filled with tears and she ran to her room. When Cookie got there the door was locked and she could not enter. “What in the world?” she said, shaking the door knob.

Laurie ran up behind her. “You are sharing a room with me now. Lucy has been placed in solitary.” Laurie looked at Cookie with sad eyes.

“Why?!” Cookie yelled at Laurie. “She never did anything wrong!”

“She is slave to a robot and has been smuggling information to them. Which is probably how we were found out in Laramie,” Laurie reached to hug her sister but Cookie pushed her away and ran towards the tunnel entrance. Laurie began to go after her but Josh caught her arm.

“Let her go Laurie,” he said. “She will come back when she is ready. You can go to the control room and watch her on the cameras.” Laurie nodded and let Josh lead her as her eyes filled with tears.




Cookie ran down the tunnels, tears blinding her eyes. She did not believe them. Lucy would never betray the SWA or her. Cookie ran until she dropped from exhaustion. She sat there crying for what seemed hours. As her eyes dried, Cookie looked around her. White blobs of lightning sat around Cookie. One moved closer to her and a hand reached from within. It wiped the remaining tears from Cookie’s eyes.

Cookie remembered something from the agent handbook. It said, “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.” (Revelation 21:4) She was convinced that these things worked for Him. Cookie stood and let the blobs lead her back to the entrance to headquarters. She gazed into the tunnel entrance and then turned to thank the things.

“Thank you so…” Cookie realized that they were gone. She stood stunned for a moment and then entered headquarters. Laurie stood just inside.

“Thank Him you are alright,” she rushed to hug Cookie. “Are you going to be ok?”

“I think so,” Cookie replied, hugging back. “I can’t breathe though.”

Laurie let go quickly. “Sorry sis. I saved you some supper. It is in our room.”

“Thanks Laurie,” Cookie as she followed her big sister to their room.


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