The End is Where We Begin: Issue 15

“How did she do it?” Cookie asked. She was staring at the ceiling, trying to fall asleep.

“Who?” Laurie propped herself up with her hand.

“Lucy,” Cookie said. “How, why did she become a traitor?”

“Commander Ross told me that she was planted by a robot commander. Marcie had to go on a last minute meeting with her informant and saw Lucy. She was kneeling before a robot,” Lucy explained. “Marcie told Commander Ross before joining us. She talked with Lucy, but Lucy denied it. And we all know that Marcie doesn’t lie.”

“So Lucy is stuck in her room until when?”

“Well first Commander just banned her from leaving headquarters. Then Lucy tried to escape so she is now in solitary. She will be until Commander Ross thinks we can trust her again. Lucy still won’t admit to her wrongdoing.”

“Is there any way I could talk to her? She might admit to me,” Cookie turned to Laurie.

“I will talk to Commander Ross about it,” Laurie replied, rolling over. “Good night.”

“Good night,” Cookie turned back to the ceiling. Her mind switched over to the incident from earlier. Nobody had listened to her. She should not get all the glory. Josh had the idea and He gave her the power so they should get praise too. She did not understand why the others did not get that.

Cookie remembered the glowing blobs. They obviously were sent to comfort her. The blobs probably were sent by Him. Cookie wondered if she should tell someone. She decided against it. Before falling asleep Cookie thanked Him for all His help.




Cookie sat in the interrogation room. Across from her sat Lucy, arms crossed and a smug look on her face.

“So you’ve turned against me too, huh?” Lucy glared at Cookie.

“No Lucy, I haven’t,” Cookie replied. “I am just trying to find out the truth.”

“Well the truth is that I have never talked to a robot or even saw one,” Lucy said indignantly.

“That’s a lie, Lucy. Everyone has seen a robot at one time or the other,” Cookie leaned forward. “Why are you lying to your best friend?”

Lucy leaned forward so her face was only a few inches from Cookie. “You aren’t my best friend anymore. A real best friend wouldn’t be interrogating me,” Lucy sat back and smirked.

“A real best friend makes sure that you tell the truth and do the right thing,” Cookie glared at Lucy. “Even if that means interrogating her.”

“What if I told you that I gave information to my robot master, hmm. What would happen to me?”

“You would be taken to a rehab base to receive treatment,” Cookie sat back with a smile. “Which would be much better than sitting in your room moping all day.”

“I’d rather mope around then have to be probed by doctors,” Lucy replied. “I am ready to go back to my room.” Two agents came in to escort her there. Before leaving, Lucy turned to Cookie. “I was never your best friend. I used you, you gullible wench.” Lucy cackled as the agents led her away.

Tears brewed in Cookie’s eyes but she quickly blinked them away. “She admitted it so you can take her to rehab now,” she said to Commander Ross who had come to stand in the doorway.

Amanda nodded. “We will fix her Cookie. Don’t worry.”

Cookie glanced at the commander and then left the room. Cookie saw Laurie standing nearby watching her. She ran for her big sister’s arms and started sobbing. The pain in her heart was becoming almost too much to bear.

Laurie held Cookie away from her. “Just remember, the end is where we begin. The end of this friendship will be the beginning of a new one, either with Lucy or someone else.” Laurie pulled Cookie back into her arms and tried to comfort her sister.


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