The End is Where We Begin: Issue 16

Josh watched the silent battle through a window in the wall. Several wires connected to suctions on Philip’s head and arms. His eyes were blazing red as his mind tried to battle the reverse brainwashing. Every day for a week Philip had been given treatment but very little progress had been made. He was so resistant that the agents were forced to keep him in a cell usually used for robots.

Josh was worried that they might have to release Philip back on the surface. He hated when that was required. Josh watched Philip for a few moments before noticing something. Philip’s eyes had turned orange.

“His eyes are orange,” Josh yelled, waving to the nurse that sat at her desk nearby. She rushed over and grinned from ear to ear.

“Finally. Captain Lacris will be pleased,” the nurse said. She went back to her desk to radio the captain. A few minutes later, Captain Lacris arrived on the scene. He was struck speechless by the sight.

“Thank Him,” he said after a moment. Captain Lacris turned to the nurse. “Finish his treatment and them take him to the resting room to see how he does.”

“Yes sir,” the nurse said.

“I will help her Captain Lacris,” Josh spoke up.

“Thank you Josh,” the captain said before going back to his office. The nurse, known as Lora, came to stand beside Josh.

“He only has a couple minutes left,” she said. Lora pointed to a room on the other side of the nurse’s station. “That is the rest room where we will take him. Normally they are not as violent when their eyes are orange.”

Josh nodded, “I know. That was once me in that room.”

Lora turned to stare wide-eyed at him. “You?”

“Yeah. I was rescued four years ago from Tagenta.” Josh closed his eyes to the pain of remembrance. “Laurie and a few others were on a mission to rescue some trapped agents. I was disguised as a robot and Laurie jumped me. When she twisted my ear, my suit fell off. Laurie knocked to the ground, blacking me out. Next thing I knew, I was here.”

Lora closed her gaping mouth and then spoke. “I never would guess you to have ever gone through that.”

“Most don’t know. I was barely recovered from the brainwashing. I sat in that room for two weeks before I broke. The next day I would have been sent above had that not happened.”

“Wow,” Lora looked at her watch. “It is time to take him out.” She walked over to the control panel beside the door. Lora flipped the power switch and went to open the door. Josh followed her inside to the exhausted Philip. Lora took off the suctions while Josh unbuckled him from the chair. Lora and Josh slipped their arms around Philip and helped him up and to the resting room. Philip sat on the couch and within a few minutes was sound asleep. Josh sat quietly with Lora until a male nurse came to help get Philip to his room. Josh watched as Philip was helped to his room and then walked to go back to his temporary living quarters.


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