The End is Where We Begin: Issue 17

“Oh lordie,” Laurie mumbled under her breath. In her hands was a report from one of the inside informants, John Kalofski. It said that Kalofski, who was a scientist, had been placed in charge of creating a new weapon. There was an electromagnetic shield preventing buildings above from sinking into the ground during natural catastrophes. This shield also kept robots from destroying the underground resistance bases. The new weapon would be able to send an atom splitting beam through the shield, destroying the base.

The weapon had been under construction for a year and was almost complete. Kalofski had recently been put in charge after the human in charge before unexpectedly died. Kalofski believed that the man had tried to sabotage the weapon and had been caught. Kalofski asked Laurie to go to Commander Ross and Commander Cross about this problem and see what he should do.

Laurie quickly left the gym where she had been working out and went to see Commander Ross. She knocked on the door and then opened the door to Amanda’s office.

“Commander I need to see you and Commander Cross together,” Laurie saluted Amanda quickly. “This is urgent.”

Commander Ross pushed the intercom button. “I need to meet Commander Cross at the urgent spot,” Amanda said, then glanced at Laurie. “Tell him to bring Josh.”

“Yes mam,” came the voice through the intercom.

Amanda nodded at Laurie. “Let’s go.” They left the office and rushed to the tunnels. Commander Ross commandeered a motorcycle from an agent coming in and the girls headed to the spot. Within fifteen minutes they reached a dead end in a side tunnel. Amanda jumped off and pushed a few buttons on a control button nearby. The door opened and Laurie drove the motorcycle inside and jumped off. The door closed behind Amanda and the two walked the short distance to the single room up ahead. Waiting for them was Commander Jonas Cross and Josh.

“What is this about Amanda?” Commander Cross asked looking very much like his name.

“All I know that it is urgent, Jonas,” Amanda replied and waved at Laurie who stood behind her. “Laurie got a message a few minutes ago from an informant and came asking to speak to us.”

Jonas turned to Laurie. “Well, what is it Laurie?”

“I got a message from my informant in Tagenta,” Laurie began. “He has been assigned to finish building a weapon that will destroy us all.” Laurie read the report to her superiors and Josh. “He wants to know what to do. I personally think he should try and sabotage the weapon but if he does he might be killed like the other guy.”

Josh nodded. “We don’t want to lose an informant unless it is the last resort. But there has to be a way to stop this thing.”

Commander Ross turned to Laurie. “Get in touch with your informant. Have him let you know where they are building the weapon. Advise him to stay as low as possible for now.”

Laurie nodded, “Yes mam.”

Awkward silence reigned for a moment before Josh spoke up. “Why did you ask me to come Commander Ross?”

“Since I was bringing Laurie, who is my most trusted officer, I believed it would be wise for you to come too.”

“Oh, ok,” Josh replied and gave Laurie a look of confusion. Laurie shrugged and then looked back at her commander.

“I will get back to you when we get more information,” Amanda said to Jonas.


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