The End is Where We Begin: Issue 18

John Kalofski trembled as he read the return message from Laurie Christion. He could either follow her advice or go through with his plan. John made his decision and then lit a match under the letter, burning the incriminating evidence.




Laurie read the letter from John and crumpled the paper in rage. He was going to get himself killed. Again Laurie rushed from her work, this time attack planning, to go to Commander Ross’ office.

“Read this,” Laurie threw the crumpled letter onto Amanda’s desk. Commander Ross smoothed out the paper and scanned the page. Her eyes lit with fire almost instantly.

“He is going to get himself killed with this blasted plan!” Amanda slammed her fist onto the desk. “Why doesn’t he listen to our advice?”

“I don’t know Commander,” Laurie said. “I’m as incensed as you. Maybe he wants to be a hero.”

“Let’s hope that is all. I wish this John Kalofski was an agent so I could punish him for usurping my command.”

“I feel the same Commander. He could be killed, but if it works then we can destroy that weapon easily.” Laurie had calmed down some by now and was starting to see how the plan could work.

“I don’t know. We should meet with Commander Cross and see what he thinks,” Amanda pressed the intercom button. “Tell Commander Cross and Josh Belivo to meet me at the urgent spot.”

“Yes mam,” the voice came through. Commander Ross stood and headed to the tunnel entrance followed by Laurie. They jumped on a motorcycle and rushed to the spot. The girls were so fast that Commander Cross and Josh were not there when they arrived. Amanda started pacing as the wait time drew out. Laurie kept an eye on the tunnel entrance opposite them. A half hour passed and Commander Cross and Josh did not arrive. Commander Ross was about to call headquarters when the tunnel entrance opened to reveal the long awaited agents.

“What took you so long?” Amanda asked, exasperated. She stalked up to Commander Ross and glared up at him.

“We had some agents come in that were injured during a small rescue mission,” Commander Ross replied.

Amanda took a step back. “I’m sorry Jonas. I was just worried that we were too late.”

“Too late? What do you mean too late?” Jonas’ eyes widened with mixed worry and surprise.

“Show him the letter, Laurie,” Amanda ordered. Laurie handed Commander Cross the letter from Kalofski.

Commander Cross scanned the letter and his eyes showed his surprise. “He doesn’t listen very well does he?”

“Obviously not,” Amanda replied. “What do you suggest we do?”

“What can we do?” Jonas shrugged. “If he wants to risk his life, how can we stop him?”

“Then I shall keep you updated,” Commander Ross turned to leave and Laurie followed her, but not before catching a confused look from Josh. Laurie crossed her thumb and index finger, their sign for “We will talk later.”


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