The End is Where We Begin: Issue 19

“So why can’t we stop him?” Josh questioned Commander Cross. They stood in Jonas’ office discussing their problem.

“If we pull Kalofski out then we will have no way into the lab to destroy that weapon,” Jonas replied walking around his desk. He rifled through the papers scattered across the workspace.

“But what is he going to do?” Josh asked. “Did he explain that in the letter?”

Jonas glanced up at Josh. “No, he did not. He said that we would receive a letter later on telling us what the plan is.”

Josh turned and stalked to the door. Opening the door he looked back at Commander Cross. “I will find out his plan.”

“What…” Jonas looked up as Josh closed the door behind him. Jonas shook his head and continued to search his desk.

Outside Commander Cross’ office, Josh sighed. Suddenly his radio went off and Josh put the radio earpiece in his ear and pressed the talk button. “Hey Laurie.”

“That is who we must talk about,” a crackling voice came through the radio.

“Who is this and how did you connect to this channel?” Josh asked gruffly.

“Oh Josh. Don’t tell me that you forgot my voice,” the robot laughed.

Josh’s eyes widened. “What do you want Marmot?”

“General Marmot now,” the general replied. “How are you enjoying life in the Resistance?”

“Better than life with you, dog,” Josh retorted.

“That was a pretty good trick you and your friends pulled on us at Laramie. We could use you back in the Alliance, Josh.”


“Well at least give me some information. Where are you hiding Laurie and Catalina Christion?”

Josh cringed. “Why do you want to know where she is?”

“We know that she has electricity powers and we will find her. She will die just like her mother.” Marmot let out an evil laugh.

“You will never get to Cookie, Marmot,” Josh stopped before his bedroom door. He reached down to turn off the radio. “Filthy robot,” Josh said as he pressed the power button. He entered the room and was surprised to find Laurie sitting on his bed.

“It’s about time you got here,” Laurie said. She smiled and patted the bed beside her.

Josh closed the door behind him and went to sit next to Laurie. “How did you get here before me?” he asked.

“Well you were just standing in the hall talking on your radio, so,” Laurie shrugged. “Who were you talking to?”

“General Marmot,” Josh hung his head.

“Who?” Laurie’s forehead wrinkled with worry.

“He is one of the main general’s for the Robot Alliance.”

Laurie’s eyes grew wide and she grabbed Josh’s shoulders. She turned him to face her. “You’re not brainwashed again are you?”

Josh twisted free of Laurie’s grip. “No. He called me asking me to be an informant for them.”

“You told him no right?”

“Of course. But we have a problem.” Josh looked deep into Laurie’s silver gray eyes. “He wants to kill Cookie.”

“He will have to kill me first.”

“And me. But Marmot was my master and I remember that he will not give up till he gets what he wants.”

“Well he will die if he tries to get Cookie,” Laurie said, determination written all over her face. “Now what were you confused about back in the tunnels?”

“Oh, why we can’t stop Kalofski from going through with whatever his plan is,” Josh replied. “But Commander Cross already explained it to me.”

“Ok then I will head back to headquarters,” Laurie stood. “Commander Ross said we would plan another attack on the Alliance soon.”

“Then I will see you soon Laurie,” Josh stood and walked to open the door. “Be safe.”

“You know I will,” Laurie replied as she walked through the door. Josh closed the door behind her and walked over to his desk to write down all that he could remember from his conversation with General Marmot.


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