The End Is Where We Begin: Issue 21

“We now know what the weapon being created by the Robot Alliance is called,” Commander Ross stood in the dining room before the entire SWA. “It is called the Electromagnetic Incinerator or EMI. It will be able to shoot an electronic laser through the electromagnetic field, which as you know, supports the ground from collapsing in on itself during natural catastrophes. That laser will destroy any base underneath the electromagnetic field that the robots want to.”

Gasps filled the room and Laurie, who was standing beside Commander Ross, raised her hand for silence. “Commander Ross and Commander Cross are preparing a plan to destroy EMI. The best of the best will be chosen for this mission. Our informant has told me that the EMI is about 6 months from completion. Our plan will go into effect very soon,” Laurie paused for a breath. “Please do not tell anyone outside of the SWA and MRG about EMI. We wish to keep our knowing of it completely under rasp.”

“Now on another note, all special operations are to report to the mission room in an hour. All other agents pray to Him to keep them safe. You are dismissed,” Amanda concluded and stepped down from the table she was standing on. Laurie began to follow her out of the room when Cookie came up to her.

“I will catch up with you in a moment Commander,” Laurie called out to Amanda. She nodded and left the room. Laurie turned to Cookie. “Sup little sis?”

“Is what Commander Ross and you said true?” Cookie asked.

“Unfortunately, yes,” Laurie replied. “We are working on a plan to destroy EMI though.”

“I will pray to Him that ya’ll will figure out the plan,” Cookie replied. “I will see you in the mission room.” Cookie walked over to where Marcie was waiting for her. Laurie forced a smile and then left the dining room for Commander Ross’ office. She entered slowly, thoughts spinning around her mind. Laurie closed the door behind her and sat in a chair in front of Amanda’s desk.

“What’s wrong Laurie?” Amanda asked.

“What if we can’t destroy that thing?” Laurie mumbled to herself.

“He will save us if we can’t stop this ourselves,” Amanda encouraged Laurie.

“But what if He doesn’t,” Laurie threw her hands in the air. “Then we will all die for nothing.”

“We will not die for nothing. We will die attempting to rid the world of evil.”

“Evil? What if the Alliance isn’t evil? What if He is the evil one?” Laurie questioned.

Amanda reached forward and slapped Laurie across the cheek. “Remember what the agent handbook says? The evil one disguises himself as good. People think that robots are good, but they aren’t. They make us think that they are good so that they can enslave us. Someone that is actually good would not do that.”

Laurie stood and walked to look at a picture hanging on the wall. She studied the expression of the woman, her slight smile, her sense of knowing. “I wish I knew what she knows,” Laurie said quietly, fingering the frame.

Amanda stood to come behind her. “If we knew, we wouldn’t be so mystified by her. That is how it is with Him. We don’t know everything about Him, just what He wants us to know. But we do know that He said that He loves us and will protect us.”

Laurie turned from the painting to stare down at Amanda. “Is it wrong that I doubt sometimes?”

“That is very normal. What you don’t want to do is act on that doubt. Trust Him to get us through this trial and lead us to victory over the Alliance,” Amanda smiled.

Laurie smiled back and seated herself back in the chair. “So do you have any specifics for me about this attack we are making?”

“The attack will be made on downtown Charleton. The upper part was destroyed when the robots took over and was never built back up.” Amanda sat at her desk again.

“Isn’t that on the coast?” Laurie asked.

“Yes, it is,” Amanda replied.

The wheels turned in Laurie’s head as she thought on this. “Well I better get to the Mission room,” Laurie said as she stood to leave.

“Are you sure you can go on this mission?” Amanda asked worriedly.

“Yes, thank you Commander,” Laurie said, leaving the room. Amanda sighed deeply and looked at the painting her father had called the Mona Lisa. It did contain many a mystery just like the Leader she followed.


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